Lori Hardman Band

June 29, 2024
6:00 PM - 8:00PM

In September 2014, Lori formed, “Lori Hardman Band.” Since then they have performed at many venues, festivals, and benefits throughout the region. With love for the music of Blues, Country, R & B and Rock & Roll, Lori Hardman demonstrates a strong vocal ability and delivers a powerful performance. Lori Hardman has won awards in:

Las Vegas – 2019 Producers Choice Award, (Legend Series) for Outstanding Female Vocal Performer
New York – Nomination for Best Rock & Roll Original Artist
Holland – Awarded for Best Female Bluegrass Original Song
Washington – Nominated for Best New Blues Artist

Lori Hardman original music has consistently performed well on charts in the U.K., Italy, Germany, Belgium, United States, Holland, Austria, Ireland, and many more countries.