Stilly River Lockdown

August 10, 2024
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Longtime friends and musicians, Larry & Alicia Kugler and Dan & Kari Wheeler have been playing and singing together for years, regularly leading music at the church they attend.

During the lockdown months of 2020 - the group had to get creative in bringing music to their church family. This meant lots of outdoor rehearsing and recording sessions as buildings were closed and folks were encouraged to stay home.

During those lockdown months - at the suggestion of their neighbors who’d been hearing the outdoor rehearsals, the group decided to explore other genres of music they enjoyed - mainly to keep themselves (and the neighbors) entertained. The band became complete with the addition of Ali’s sister, Amber Bach on vocal harmonies and good friend, professional drummer, Carl Martin in 2022. A diverse cover band with solid vocal harmonies, their sets include many familiar songs spanning the 60s - 2000s and includes classic rock, folk, pop, and country - a little something for everyone!