Glass Quest

February 16, 2024
February 25, 2024
Event Schedule

2024 marks the 15th Annual Great Northwest Glass Quest – a unique 10-day treasure hunt for hand blown glass balls on Camano Island and Stanwood Washington. The event is organized by The Camano Island Chamber of Commerce.

Arrowhead Ranch will be participating in this year's Glass Quest!

Questing for here 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM:

Friday, February 16th

Saturday, February 17th

Thursday, February 22nd

Friday, February 23rd

Saturday, February 24th

Things to Note:
What is a clue ball?

I am approximately 3 inches in diameter and made out of clear plastic.

However, some of my hiders like to camouflage me. At least half of me must remain clear however (so I can breathe) and a part of that clear portion will be showing without you having to move anything.

When you find me I will have a piece of paper inside directing you where to go to claim your TREASURE - A Glass Ball.

Rules for a Successful Quest

1. Be Respectful - Host businesses have opened their stores to you, please abide by their rules. When In Community Sites Do NOT USE STICKS Of Any Kind (Including Walking Sticks.) Respect vegetation & wildlife and leave no trace.

2. Don't Ask - Enjoy the thrill of the hunt, don’t ask “has it been found today?” Businesses may provide clues-but this is not required.

3. Be Respectful - All clue balls will be visible (albeit camoflauged on occasion) Please do not move merchandise or disturb vegetation - clue balls should be found using your EYES ONLY.

4. Time's Up - If you have not found the clueball within 15-20 minutes it is probably not there, don't linger. Come back and try tomorrow.

5. Find & Have Fun! - Have a great time and limit your Treasure to One Per Person Per Year. You can purchase as many Non-Certificated Balls as you would like (available as supplies last!) Don’t forget to thank the host business!

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