Arrowhead Silos

Let your imagination run wild with an Arrowhead Silo. Whether you're eyeing a chic Airbnb, a practical storage solution, or a dedicated workshop, our silos are up to the task.

This complete kit could be yours for $13,000.

Arrowhead Ranch's silo in a field
Your Space, Your Way

Arrowhead Silos offers the ideal solution for creating personalized spaces that reflect your needs and lifestyle.

Build Time
6+ hrs
From delivery to setup, our silos can be ready to use in as little as 6 hours.
75 yrs
Functional durability you can rely on for a long, long time.
12° less
Our well-ventilated silos stay 12 degrees cooler than the outside temperature in the summer.

Discover Arrowhead Silos

Arrowhead Silos are designed to last! They are weatherproof with high ventilation to prevent overheating keeping the inside 12 degrees cooler than the outside in the summer.

Quick & easy to construct
Steel rounded shape
Withstands high winds
Interior upper loft
Extra square footage
Virtually earthquake proof
Maintenance free exterior
Ready for rainwater collection
The inside of an Arrowhead Silo

Arrowhead Silos vs. Traditional Yurts

Life Span
Termite Proof
Withstand High Winds
Solar Panel Ready
Double Roof Structure
Easily Move