Local YMCA to host Challenger Camp

September 1, 2022

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Camp is not easy, and that is intentional. At camp, we often do crazy fun things and play ridiculous games and complete various activities. All campers face challenges while they are here. I tell every camper I work with this- there will be a moment when everything clicks, and you discover why we do things the way we do at camp, and why Arrowhead Ranch is such a perfect place for camp.

Everything from the breakout sessions to the field trips we take to the activities we engage in are designed to push our campers to discover that they indeed are capable of great things. Building resiliency and self-worth is HUGE, and that is what we grew here at the ranch.

When camp is over, our hope is that every person that spent time at the ranch should be able to go back to a moment where they truly felt that they were capable of doing things that matter, speaking and being heard, creating and thinking, and all that goes into big ideas that change the world.

At Arrowhead we spent our time doing BIG things. Whether it was creating and building ideas in the shop, being challenged through games, hiking and wrestling against nature, or speaking in front of the community, every teen was slowly building resiliency that will go with them into the Fall.

I can’t thank the Ranch Team (Randy, Marla, Katie, and Scott) enough for helping make this Camp a reality. The team at Arrowhead was amazing. Always helpful and upbeat, they truly helped create a safe space that our camp could call home. I can not wait to see what we do next!


Doug Standish

Teen Director at the Stanwood-Camano YMCA